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Portfolio Companies

Alabama’s Top Rated Pediatric Urgent Care

Urgent Care for Children (UC4C) is a chain of pediatric specialty urgent care clinics founded by a group of physicians who, as parents themselves, understood that children’s illnesses or injuries don’t follow normal business hours. Their on-site pediatricians and pediatric nurse practitioners offer acute diagnostic and treatment care for children with non-life-threatening needs during the day, after-hours and on weekends, 365 days a year.

In 2017, UC4C opened its first clinic in Birmingham, Alabama with a mission to provide quality care with less waiting. Today, UC4C operates several clinics across the Southeast in addition to a telemedicine portal that brings their clinics to you. 


Wellness Supplements for Health Restoration

Res is a team of scientists, physicians, and innovators pioneering microbiome-based nutritional products for health and wellness.

Founded in 2021 by Dr. C Vivek Lal MD FAAP, the company is rooted in over a decade of research at the intersection of human microbiome science and health. 

ResBiotic’s first product, resB® Lung Support, the world’s first respiratory probiotic targets the gut-lung axis to support lung health was launched in 2022. 


Disruptive Therapeutics
for Pulmonary Disease

Alveolus Bio is a team of scientists, physicians, and innovators pioneering disruptive therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of lung disease.

Respiratory health risks and lung diseases are associated with lung neutrophilic inflammation. An abnormal microbiome induces further inflammation, creating a downward spiral.

Alveolus’s pipeline includes live biotherapeutics and other pharmaceutical interventions that target microbiome-based pathways to alter the course of respiratory diseases.



Full Service Contract Research Organization for Drug Development and Consumer Product Development


Healthtech Organization Using AI Based Medical Technologies for Medical Coding, Data Analytics and Clinical Trial Solutions

A Biotech Company Restoring Hair and Skin Through Disruptive Mitochondria Targeted Solutions

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